Talking to Gatekeepers - Friend or Foe?

Recorded phone calls with real secretary screens - Secretary Talk

If you've been in sales more than a week - you've had your call screened by a gatekeeper. A gatekeeper is anyone that stands between you and your sales prospect. 

'Secretary Talk' is a series of recorded phone conversations w/ real gatekeepers. The calls you are about the hear are REAL. Listen and learn from the conversations I've had with gatekeepers as I demonstate what it takes to get your call put through. ~ Pete Ekstrom


'Secretary Talk' Preview...


'Secretary Talk' Podcast Library

  • The Gatekeeper Report - "The TRUTH about Gatekeepers"
  • Audio - The Secretary Screen Exposed
  • Audio - Call Screen Standard Questions
  • Audio - A Day in the Life of a Gatekeeper
  • Audio - Getting The Gatekeepers Help
  • Audio - Building Rapport
  • Audio - It's Against Company Policy...
  • Audio - Standard Operating Procedure
  • Audio - Proud To Be a Gatekeeper!                                       
  • Audio - My Call Gets Screened in London
  • Audio - Why The Need to Screen?
  • Audio - Send Us Literature or Else!
  • Audio - All Salesmen Sound The Same
  • Audio - Gatekeeper Tricks of the Trade
  • Audio - How Do You Know I'm a Salesman?
  • Audio - I'm Calling To Find Out Why I'm Calling

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